Friday, December 23, 2016

Go organic our way!!!

Organic foods refer to food grown following organic practices that mean no chemicals, pesticides or harmful chemicals are sprayed while the product is grown. For products obtained from animals like Organic Milk, animals are fed organic food, kept in a safe and certified environment in order to assure customers that the products are 100% organic, safe, and ready for use. If any product says it is organic then it has to be otherwise the company is liable for a penalty.
Organic foods, cosmetics, fruits, vegetables and other grocery items are better as they contain no or fewer pesticides and have the least impact on the consumer. This means, such a kind of food or any other products are free from harmful toxins that can affect human healthy badly. No painting or artificial chemicals are used to polish the fruit, vegetable, pulses, or spices.
There is no impact of implementing organic practices on the food and believe us, it tastes better than ever. When produced in masses, the overall cost of organic products is lesser so you tend to get reasonably priced organic products.
It is worth noticing that the products that are available at cheaper prices are of low-quality and does the most harm to your body, skin, or digestive system.
Traditional agricultural practices were backed up by the government so the overall cost of the end-product was cheaper but it is better to eat good, healthy, and nutritious products than to bargain and save your money unnecessarily.
In a recent survey, it was seen that families that stopped non-organic items from their daily routine had a lower level of toxins, lead, and minerals in their body that could potentially does the harm. Do you still feel that organic products aren’t worth trying?
At Appnik, we don’t ask you to change your habits in a single day instead start with fresh fruits and vegetables and experience the real change in you. Your lifestyle, eating plan, daily routine, and standard of living would definitely change once you start bringing organic products to your home. If you have never given it a thought, its time to change and try some good organic items.
A visit to our store is good enough while buying healthier organic vegetables that are hand-picked from organic stores. The more you navigate, the more will you know about our product range?
At, you will find the finest of all organic products. Here is the list of categories that we supply to our customers spread world-wide:
  • Organic Vegetables Includes Fresh & Leafy vegetables and Organic Salads.
  • Organic Health Care Products Includes Herbal supplements, products for healthy living, and Women’s safety.
  • Organic Cosmetics Includes Facial, overall body, baby care, and Men’s & Women’ s Personal care products
  • Organic Grocery foods Includes Pulses, Grains, snacks, spices, Pickles, Salads, and much more.
Our products are genuine, 100% organic.
Feel free to contact us on or our local office in Gurgaon to place your online order without any hassle.

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